The Importance of Integrity, Pride & Honesty in the Workplace

Keeping integrity in our staff and help to improve standards in the world! 

This sounds like an impossible task doesn’t it?

So, where do we draw the line?

We let the Patriots off a few years ago when they were caught spying on the competitors playbook.  Now, Tom Brady kind of admitted of knowing about the deflation of the footballs in the Super Bowl.  If the League would have not tolerated the first act of cheating (that we know of!) then maybe the second act of cheating wouldn’t have happened.

I always educated future managers in their months that confrontation doesn’t have to be screaming and hollering in an employee’s face to point out wrong doings.  But you do indeed need to address anything that was immoral and/or dishonest, for the company and the clients!  If bad behaviors, dishonesty, and breaking company policies are ignored, I guarantee you will have another incident in the future, if not from the original culprit who you’re reprimanding, but from another employee that thought they could also get away with breaking the policy as well.

As employers, we need to keep our head high, eliminate behaviors that don’t belong in a work environment and hold all employees to these standards.  You too need to follow the standards and set expectations for all.

America is running out of heroes except for our military heroes and I hope one day we won’t have to put anyone through war to set examples.  Let’s clean up society, constantly watch what we do and the examples we set.  Let us put pride back into the United States.  Let’s put integrity, pride, honesty and hard work back into our routine vocabulary, starting TODAY!

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