Taking an Introspective Look at Our Own Company & Service

Let us all check customer service in our community this week.  Let us make sure we are absorbing what we, as well as our staff, are saying to your clients.

It’s easy to criticize other companies and their staff.  Let’s make sure we are scrutinizing our own staff as well as ourselves for a week.  Are we doing what we say we need to do for our clients and actually doing what we say?  Or are we blowing smoke and missing our goals for our service level by more than 10%?

Document the good performers or acts and have a sit down meetings with those offenders and discuss areas of improvement that must be met if they are to remain employed with your organization.  In some cases, you will suddenly realize you never covered this topic with not only the person sitting in front of you but maybe other employees as well.  In which case, you should not threaten termination for the poor performers, but rather start a plan to correct this shortfall immediately with all employees.  So don’t reprimand until you accumulate some information and see if your staff ignored you or you did a poor job in the educational process prior to this epiphany!

I was in two stores last week that are in competition with each other.  Not a soul greeted me in either location, nor asked if I needed help.  Apparently, upper management in these major corporations are fine with the outcome because both companies have had customer service issues for years.  Yes, years!  I wonder how long before they both go through bankruptcy?

Make upgrading you and your staff a priority NOW.  Don’t wait!  We want our staff to be top notch NOW!  If you aren’t able to upgrade the staff you have 100% then it might be time to do some hiring to find the people personality you are looking for.  Try it…You will like it!

Let me know the procedures you went through to get the staff you have always wanted.  I would love to talk to you about your results.

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