Revitalize Your Team with Excellent Leaders

Back in my retail days, I was promoted to a larger store in a chain than what I had been used to and this meant there were a few products I may not have been well versed in.  As I spoke to the outgoing manager, I was asking a few questions on the staff, facility, products and other things I didn’t have the answers for after being in the store for about 4 hours.  Rather than answer my questions, the outgoing manager said, “This store really runs itself.”  The only thing that answer told me was that the manager was nothing more than figurehead and not a leader.  I am not saying that as a leader you need to be riding hard on the staff but it was apparent  in this case, the manager wasn’t involved in many, if any, of the daily activities in this branch.  I will say, staff was fairly productive but not as productive as they became after they received a little training and reminders on the importance of customer service.

That any manager would say a store runs itself reflects how unimportant the staff’s education and training are to them.  I assume, their clients’ needs fall into the same category as the staff’s education and training as well.  Let’s not catch ourselves training our staff to be mediocre!

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