Preparing New Hires

Attention business owners and/or managers!  Be honest now, no cheating or exaggerating allowed!  How soon do you start educating new hires on procedures and customer service?  Most employers seem to think new hires shouldn’t be undergoing any of this type of training unless they have been indoctrinated into the company mission statement, the history of the company, etc.

I have always made sure that if an employee was needed to fill an opening or expansion in an area of the company, they need to be self-sufficient in something the very first day of work.  Something simple enough to be able to learn quickly yet take a load off other staff members so they can keep the other clients happy and the company profitable.

If you indeed hired an above average employee, this employee will expect to be somewhat operationally sound and self-sufficient on at least one if not more steps to keep the selling pace going forward.  If you don’t teach them the pertinent steps to be effective and efficient, use your most operationally sound employee to teach the new employee the many important steps any new employee needs to know.

Some hints to make this learning process easier that always worked for me and gave me more time to spend with new hires:

  • Don’t start an employee on a Monday.  Mondays are hectic enough so don’t try to enlighten a new hire on this first day of the work week.
  • When you bring the new employee in on Tuesday, only schedule them for about five or maybe 6 hours tops.  Remember when you would start a new job and you just stood around waiting for someone to show you something that you will need to know.  I would spend 5 hours with new hires  pointing out my pet peeves to keep us all productive and clients happy.  Then turn the new employee over to your most operationally sound employee to introduce the new hire to all employees.  After introductions have been let the employee be done for the day because the first day is so draining.  And make sure they know they should be ready to learn more tomorrow.
  • Don’t be afraid to use the buddy system for all remaining necessary training.  Use your best employee in the new hires department to educate new hires.

I know this sounds too simple, but it really does start the new hire on the right foot and make sure that they don’t develop the habit of standing around waiting for you to teach them something.  Try it!  Properly done, not only will you love the change but so will your new hire.

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