Keeping the Customer Satisfied

Attention serious business owners and managers!!

Do you ever monitor your staff to see if they are actually keeping your customers satisfied?

Yes, satisfied!  (If you don’t remember Simon & Garfunkel’s song, Keep the Customer Satisfied, no wonder customer service is waning in many industries and individual businesses!)

I stopped at a home improvement store last week at 7:00 AM.  The outside garbage cans are overflowing to the ground and I couldn’t get a core exchange quickly either.  The cashier called someone to grab me a receipt for the core.  Since she had my credit card, she actually apologized using my first name and asked if I need anything else.  She knew just how to handle a somewhat impatient customer!  She apologized for the floor manager since he didn’t.  She needs a promotion!

I was also in an electronics store last week.  Apparently, I was absolutely invisible!  No one greeted me and I walked around the entire store and the employees were mainly talking among themselves.  I walked in ready to make a purchase and not one employee cared!  Mr. Manager, you need a refresher course in customer service or you may find yourself unemployed.

If you don’t have a training program in your store to teach new employees the necessary product knowledge, procedures, and cleanliness then I can tell you how to improve immediately.  Take your best operational employee and promote them to teach new hires how to treat clients if those clients come back and patronize your business you better do something before you chase away long term clients.

If you take the time to install this training style, I guarantee you will have clients praising your business, not complaining about your lack of professionalism.

After 35 years in retail management, I found what motivated employees and customers loved the service and knowledge.  Whether I was in the store or not, the employees gave the same service to everyone no matter the size of the sale.  By instilling customer service in all employees, you do need to constantly remind where weaknesses may be and fix it immediately!  Your clients will love your store and your employees.

Call me at Professional Employment Practices, (701) 751-1500, if you would like more information.  You will love the changes!

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