Is it Really Just About Finding Good Employees? NO!

I hear one common thread from most retailers in the last six months, “You just can’t find good help these days.”  I have heard that for so many tears I could scream!

Let me give you a prime example:  I was reading the Wall Street Journal and a major retailer had one or more branches that were asking employees to call in before they come into the late shift or to stay longer if it gets really busy.  If businesses really think you are going to build a loyal staff pulling stunts like the above then it is no wonder employees are getting fussier where they work and they work they do.

On the other hand, I know people really don’t learn many trades in schools anymore.  In other words, employers are going to need to hire someone with basic skills and teach them your culture, policies, procedures, and basically teach them all the tools to keep your customers satisfied.

Before you start to disagree with the last statement, wouldn’t you want to know that your employees were educated specifically for your industry, store location, culture and you know it works.  You and your staff have been running the business effectively and you know that this combination of training has been very effective because you still continue to have clients coming to your store to experience the shopping, trade, professional advice, etc.  You have worked to make the clients’ presence a thing of value and the clients keep coming back because they are confident that your staff will continue to be informative, helpful and always be there to help.

Develop a cross training plan and implement it immediately, if you are looking to keep the most helpful staff in town in your industry.  From my past experiences, your clients will love these changes.  Do it TODAY!

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