Educate Your Staff For Your Clients Benefit & Your Employees Self Esteem

I don’t think that too many employers know how to satisfy their clients and retain their staff.   I was in a big box store last week, you know the stores with the cash register that clients have to use instead of employees, and I watched five clients wait in line to check out.  The cashier was friendly, quick and very helpful BUT as I looked at the last register I saw that a cashier was just standing by that register waiting as a client rang themselves out.  WHAT?!  If the supervisor really cared about their clients, that cashier stading by a register hoping that no customer was going to “bother” them would not stand there while five clients waited in line for one cashier to take care of them.

If I was the general manager of that store, I would be embarrassed beyond belief!  How does something that easy to correct, go on and on?  Because too many employers do not give an educational meeting to their employees explaining what to do to make clients want to come back.  The employees look like they don’t know or care what they are doing.  Instead, they should be working to make themselves feel good and help the clients get in, get out and go on their way.

The sad part, is I see employees standing around in too many businesses and not have a clue how to be productive.  Where are the managers and proprietors of these businesses?  You need to address these issues and build your staff up to making decisions to help clients each and every time.

Employers, you aren’t helping yourself or your sales when your staff has no idea how to give quality customer service and gain proud productive employees at the same time.  Not to mention the lost profits and loss of potential clients.

I challenge you, if you have these problems to fix them so you too can have proud productive employees!  Do it today!

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