Creating an Operationally Sound Human Resource Department

I saw a headline on some email magazine that employees in the Human Resource occupation are leaving the industry in fairly high numbers.  Due to lack of time, I didn’t read any of the articles, but from my years in management I think I may know a few of the reasons that the Human Resource industry is suffering.

I am not picking on the Human Resource industry or any employees in that industry with my comments.  I am only pointing out the observations from my own experiences.

I can’t say that many human resource specialists are operationally sound, which if it is true, in most cases, it is not their fault but rather the employer’s oversight.  If Human Resource (HR) members have never been introduced to their employer’s industry then how is the HR person going to add value to employees and the company and be able to point out the good, the bad and the ugly.

In my store management days, I trained future managers.  Sixteen out of the 18 managers were promoted at least twice after the training program, which usually lasted 4 months for each trainee, before they were competent to run a profitable, successful location.  If we aren’t putting HR staff through a training program to show them goals, ways to improve procedures, productivity, learning the functions of each position, safety factors, and much more.  How is that HR person going to perform effectively and add value, production and improve the general operation and staff?

Most businesses have district managers, sales managers and other positions that really only teach people how to move product and services.  They may also enforce business standards so the business in question is clean, organized, helpful, etc.  Seldom are sales managers great leaders or teachers from my experience.  Start HR staff in a training program so they can add true value to an operation and I can almost guarantee improvements in your business.  They will limit employee accidents, reduce sick leave, improve employee attitude and provide a solid base of employees that will work for you.  A good HR employee isn’t as worried about products as they are of producing good quality employees that will treat your company as if it was their own.  Be sure you bring in HR staff and get input from them at sales meetings as well.  Upper management needs to pick HR’s brains to solve what may have been ongoing staff problems.

Do not procrastinate; fix these employee problems quicker with an operationally sound HR department.  Start today and be  more profitable tomorrow!

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