Ask the Right Questions & Improve Your Clients’ Experiences

Last week, I went on a business trip that included some vacation time as well.  I had two concerns on the trip…

I have never been one to take week long vacations, but apparently as we age or become busier in our professions we do indeed need to have some downtime.  I came back more invigorated and on top of things than I had been for the couple of weeks.

I plan on doing more of the mini vacations as well to keep the mind clear.  These little getaways open my mind and help me to solve some issues that perhaps I couldn’t get down to the bottom of some of these things prior to the week-long sabbatical.

I did also find that having stayed in 5 hotels in six days that apparently hotel owners don’t have their employees ask if everything was OK with their stay.  Some hotels allegedly offer a free nights’ stay if you encountered any problems at all.  These hotels didn’t ask if our stay was acceptable.  I guess if they don’t ask, we can’t tell them there were indeed problems and you would like a free night stay.

Maybe if we as business owners would also remember to ask if our clients are happy with the service they received and in turn, the clients would open up and let us know where our weaknesses lie.  I would prefer clients tell me what I need to do better than to lose them as clients because we weren’t asking the right questions in trying to determine where our clients’ needs really were met or not.  Think about it and I think you will agree.


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