About Us

After thirty years in retail I want to share team building efforts with business people such as you.  Some of the sysems that we outline you probably have never tried.  These managing processes can be enjoyable.

In life, we learn from others as to what not to do.  Gone are the days that ‘Bosses” order staff to perform.  In the 70’s this was called managing people.  But do we really manage people?  Of course not! We manage processes and ideas.  By doing this, we produce outcomes that are great for our company, our team and our clients.

Done properly, it is a rewarding experience to help a team member have that A-HA Moment!  Once your entire team gets it, your clients will see and appreciate a whole new staff that is determined, knowledgeable, loyal and fun.

You can start assembling an All Star team, have the time of your life and be proud of the sales and services they provide.  It will cost you less than you think for the end result. If you want to have fun and success come and explore our processes.  We can build a program to suit you based on the many factors of your establishment.

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