We Provide the Tools

for putting a little PEP in your company’s step!

Professional Employment Practices provides the necessary tools to get your company and employees working together as a team. We put a little PEP in your company’s step! With our thirty plus years of experience in retail management we are able to outline ways to effectively train employees and management to create leaders within all service levels. We also provide human resources advice, customer service seminars and ways to control your risk management.

We often learn from others as to what not to do. Gone are the days that “bosses” order staff to perform. In the ‘70s this was called managing people. Do we ever really manage people? Of course not! We manage processes and ideas.

Training Programs

Managing Your Way to an All Star Team

Professional Employment PracticesWe've been noticing some unfortunate trends in business management. PEP feels that in the last five years, managing processes have not been as successful as they were in the preceding thirty years. Business owners and managers have either lost the knack for hiring effective people or they are not working to develop the team effectively.

We want you to enjoy the rewarding experience of helping a team member have that AHA moment! Once your entire team gets it, your clients will see a whole new staff that is determined, knowledgeable, loyal and fun.

By managing processes you can produce outcomes that are great for your company, your team and your clients.

Managing processes can be enjoyable and I would like to share with you my knowledge so you can create an All Star Team! You will be proud of the sales and the service that your team will provide. We can tailor a program to suit you based on the many factors of your establishment. And it will cost you less than you think!

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